Introduction to Reality - (Clothbound)

An A-Z Guide to True Spirituality

Rick M. Chapman

Thirty-four years after writing and publishing HOW TO CHOOSE A GURU, Rick Chapman has revised and expanded that original book to become an INTRODUCTION TO REALITY. This book is designed to give both the spiritual neophyte and the seasoned seeker an acquaintance with the most important ideas in spirituality.

INTRODUCTION TO REALITY covers over a hundred topics central to understanding the different levels of spiritual masters and the nature of the spiritual path. It condenses millennia of spiritual teachings into a single volume of anecdotes and guidelines that will serve every seeker from any background well throughout the quest to discover his own Infinite Reality.

194 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-02-0

Introduction to Reality
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Introduction to Reality - (Paperback)

See description above.

ISBN: 978-0-938914-03-7


Introduccion A La Realidad - (Paperback)

Una Gu?a de la A a la Z para la Verdadera Espiritualidad

Rick M. Chapman

Spanish translation of INTRODUCTION TO REALITY

"Este libro ofrece al buscador espiritual el compendio vital de gu?as y ejemplos de verdaderos Maestros que realizaron a Dios a lo largo de nuestra historia conocida. Es un tesoro ?nico de direcci?n e informaci?n de Maestros de virtualmente cada tradici?n m?stica, quienes han conocido por experiencia de qu? se trata el sendero espiritual y su Meta de Iluminaci?n.."

--Rick M. Chapman

202 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-10-5

Introduccion a la Realidad
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The Empty Chair - (Clothbound)

Meher Baba's 1969 Darshan

Barbara Bamberger Scott

When Barbara Scott first mentioned that she was thinking of writing about Meher Baba's 1969 Darshan at Guruprasad in Poona, I knew that it would be an important book, but I had not yet wakened to the realization of how profound a moment in spiritual history this Darshan was.

In truth, I believe that the whole period that included this unique darshan program has been overlooked, taken for granted in a way, just as some of the other most astounding chapters in Meher Baba's life get taken for granted by His lovers--after all, with the Divine Beloved of all beloveds as one's own heart's treasure, the activities of the world, however grand, pale. Baba lovers have simply become accustomed to having a Master Who is the rarest of all Spiritual Figures, Who--like Jesus and Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna, Ram and Zoroaster before Him--literally holds Creation in His palm and sets in motion a universal Wave of Love that inevitably charts a new course for all humanity. In this context, holding a darshan program for thousands from the East and the West while not attending in His physical Person--that is fascinating, it is impressive, it is mind-boggling, then again, almost everything about Him falls into the same category!

So here is the chance to revisit that Great Event, through the eyes and ears, the thoughts and the senses, of some of those who were there. You will not be disappointed--for it is the story of spiritual seeking at its most confounding and awe-inspiring, all at once. Now, let's go back to the sixties, when the world was Baba.

-- Rick Chapman

365 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-14-3

The Empty Chair
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The Empty Chair - (Paperback)

See description above.

ISBN: 978-0-938914-15-0


Darshan Hours - (Clothbound)

Conversations with Avatar Meher Baba at Guruprasad Bungalow, Poona

"Darshan" means "sight" of the Master. It refers to being in His presence, and in the East, where spirituality has a history in countless traditions that stretches into the ancient, hoary past, it implies the blessing that comes from being in the presence of a spiritually advanced person.

The "Darshan Hours" recounted here refer to conversations that occurred between Avatar Meher Baba and some of His lovers and visitors during the summer of 1960. Meher Baba was in residence at Guruprasad Bungalow in Poona at the time -- it was an impressive "palace" that belonged to the Maharani of Baroda, who had given it over to Meher Baba for His use during the scorchingly hot Indian months of April, May and June, and from time to time visitors were allowed to come there to have Baba's "darshan."

It is common knowledge in the East that "a moment in the presence of a saint is worth a hundred years of penance and prayers." A saint, however, remains just a saint, not fully enlightened however elevated. The Avatar of the Age is God Himself, the Infinite Consciousness of the Infinite and Only One manifest in a human body: He was Zoroaster, Ram and Krishna; He was Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed; and now, in this most recent Advent, He was Meher Baba.

To be in the presence of the Avatar -- to have His "darshan" -- is a blessing of indescribable value, beyond measure, beyond conception. One might reasonably expand upon the adage cited above, "and to be in the presence of the Avatar is worth one hundred billion years of discipleship to all the other spiritual masters in the world!" There are no words to explain how unique and how enduring the benefit of being in His presence is -- for once that acquaintance is made with The Friend, He is your friend forever.

Yet these conversations attest to how informal life was around the Avatar, and how freely He interacted with those who came to Him. In these simple exchanges between God Incarnate and His visitors, we see the unique aspect of the Avatar: He alone is on all levels, one with each and all and imparting Divine Wisdom to each one fortunate enough to come into His presence. With Darshan Hours, we all have that chance, to eavesdrop on the Avatar as He so freely distributed the pearls, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds of perfect counsel from the Most Perfect One.

84 pages, ISBN: 978-0-940700-16-1

Darshan Hours
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The Seven Secrets of Life - (Clothbound)

Rick M. Chapman

THE SEVEN SECRETS OF LIFE is a primer on the nature of life and how it really works -- what lies behind the billions of human lives, the countless trillions of other creatures on earth, the innumerable objects in Creation. How does Consciousness develop into you and me? What are the stages of the Spiritual Path that result in the eventual enlightenment of the very, very few who, at any one time, attain that state? And what is the real meaning of the phenomenon of the "Avatar" -- the periodic appearance of God on earth as God-Man?

We are so confident that THE SEVEN SECRETS OF LIFE will leave you knowing more about these subjects than before reading this small volume that it comes with a Money-back Guarantee. If you are not convinced that you understand more about the Seven Secrets of Life from what you learn in this book, please avail yourself of the coupon just inside the back cover to get your money back (see coupon for terms).

So, what do you have to lose? Learn about the Secrets of Life or get your money back! But surely such a gambit has no meaning for you -- you who are genuinely interested in knowing what life is really about, who may even be a true seeker and who dearly wishes to understand the mechanics of Creation and the esoteric realities of the Spiritual Path! Dive in, then, and discover Who you really are! The answer is only a few pages away, and your life will never be the same.

142 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-13-6

The Seven Secrets of Life
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The Seven Secrets of Life - (Paperback)

See description above.

ISBN: 978-0-938914-12-9


Stealing Hafiz - (Hardcover)

Rick M. Chapman

Do you want to read the poetry of a Perfect Master--a fully enlightened human being--who ranks very possibly as the finest poet in recorded history? Bravo!! Then learn Persian and become enlightened yourself--that is the only way that you can do so with any confidence in your comprehension of what you read. Good luck in your endeavor!

In the meantime, let this small volume acquaint you with some of the images and ideas found in Hafiz's writings. STEALING HAFIZ consists of original poetry written by Rick Chapman, a thief and a murderer, for in the poems contained herein he has stolen unabashedly from Hafiz and in so doing he has murdered the form of the ghazal. Yet in these "ghazaleros," he conveys some slight sense of the mystical poetry of Hafiz and some feeling for the themes of Hafiz's Inspiriation, Avatar Meher Baba, Who regarded Hafiz as His favorite poet. How someone Who lived 600 years after Hafiz could be Hafiz's inspiration, well, that's another story altogether. Life is short, and there are many of them! Read and enjoy--at your own risk!

80 pages, ISBN: 978-0-938914-16-7

Stealing Hafiz
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Stealing Hafiz - (Paperback)

See description above.

ISBN: 978-0-938914-11-2